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Surf Lessons Ocean Beach

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Whether you are seasoned or new, you need to head out to Ocean Beach (OB) and catch some surf. We love OB for a few reasons.

  • There are multiple breaks within close distance of each other. Peskys, New Break, No Surf, The Peir South, Peir North, Avalanche, Dog Beach and more! So scouting ridable waves is quick work and doesn't take all day going up and down the coast. Which isn't a bad way to spend your time at all.

  • This classic beach town has an attitude. The scene, the awesome eats, and tasty drinks will transport you back to the 60's. Very little about this burrow has changed over the decades. Give or take a few upscale intruders, the strip is dive bars and famous restaurants mixed in between antique stores and a lot of funk.

  • Parking isn't hell. It's no heaven either. However, it pales to compare to the parking at beaches like Mission Beach or Pacific beach when it comes to parking close by the beach. In OB you have a couple of parking options feet from the sand. Check out the parking picture below on where to park if you plan on taking a lesson or surfing Ocean Beach.

If you are looking to learn how to surf in San Diego and or Ocean Beach contact our team for any questions and reservations.

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Surf Lessons Ocean Beach

Surf Lessons Ocean Beach
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Best Surf Lessons Ocean Beach
OB Forever

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