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Are surf lessons worth it?

This surf Lesson in San Diego has everything you need!

Private Instructor

Surf Board


Surf Instructor

How our San Diego surf lessons work 

How our surf lessons work

A surf coach makes learning to surf way easier. Not to mention safer.
Your lesson begins on the sand, where we review; safety, how to paddle out, and how to pop up and ride the waves. We start by practicing the 3 step pop-up method before charging out into the surf. Our San Diego Surf instructors are hands-on and guide you and your board out into the perfect position to start analyzing the surf. 

Once out in the waves, our coaches will help you paddle into and catch the waves. Post-wave tips and tricks and are shared as we paddle back out into the lineup. These tips will help you quickly dial in the needed moves and adjustments to build the needed muscle memory for surfing in San Diego. 

Where to take surf lessons? We recommend starting at a local beach break like La Jolla Shores or Mission Beach. There are parking lots at each, along with public bathrooms and showers. Both beaches are beginner/family friendly. The San Diego surfing scene can be found up and down the coast. Many outfits offer surfing lessons. Our San Diego Surf Lessons are private and designed to give you maximum instruction for learning to surf in San Diego. 

Are surf lessons worth it? Absolutely. You can spend years learning on your own and pick lots of bad habits. Our experienced watermen will shortcut your efforts and have you surfing in San Diego in 90 minutes or less. 
How much are surf lessons in San Diego? In San Diego, prices are on average $100 dollars for a single surfer. Group lessons and packages can bring the price down. Whether you are surfing La Jolla, or other surf spots, the prices may vary. 
How many surf lessons do you need? 
We recommend signing up for a 3 lesson package in order to solidify your practice safely with our surf team while you build your skills. Depending on your physical, weight, and height, it can take an entire season to become truly confident in most SoCal surf. 

How to prepare for a surf lesson?
Stretch your shoulders and quads out. Yoga is great and highly recommended for surfing. Loosening up your low back is also important. We do not recommend paddling out without warming up for at least 5 to 10 minutes before. 

Do I need surf lessons? 
If you have little to no experience in the water or surfing we highly recommend taking a San Diego surf lesson before attempting paddling out alone. Some San Diego surf spots require a lengthy paddle out that requires stamina and strength. A coach can guide you on paddle-out techniques, wave riding and safety during your time in the water. 

Can I take a group surf lesson with my whole family?
We absolutely love taking out family surf groups. There is nothing like sharing a lesson together. Surfing in San Diego is the ultimate family adventure!


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