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San Diego Surf Lessons




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Surf Lessons San Diego | Ocean Beach | Mission Beach | Pacific Beach | La Jolla
San Diego Surf Lessons

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When you sign up with the Saltwater crew, we provide you with a beginner longboard surfboard, a neoprene wetsuit for added warmth, and a private instructor to provide you with personalized surf lessons in San Diego's amazing waves. 

Surfing is the perfect sport. Learning can be very difficult on your on. Our instructors are there step by step with a hands on approach. We paddle out with you and guide you and the board into the waves. While instructing you how to do the same on your own. Our surf lessons in San Diego are highly rated as we provide valuable feedback and coaching into each wave attempt, until you have dialed in your balance and posture to surf. It's a full body sport that will leave you feeling like you had a full body workout.

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Treat your mental health with surfing. Wanna be stoked with life? Surfing is a source. The science behind it is when the waves break, negative ions are relaeased into the air. Your body injests these and loves it. research claims that surfers do exhibit fewer symptoms of anxiety and depression and anxiety. Why do you think were all so "chill"? Learn to surf by taking a surf lesson in San Diego to discover the stoke.



Each lesson includes an experienced surf instructor, wetsuit, and surfboard. We meet at your preferred beach and may suggest standout surf spots depending on the swell, the tides, and other conditions. When you book a lesson with Saltwater, you have everything you need to start surfing that day. We have a 100% satisfaction rate. Our instructors will walk you through all the methods to have you connected with the Ocean. Can't swim, not a problem. Our instructors are CPR and first responder qualified. You don't need to know how to swim, just how to stand up and ride with style. We offer packages for our dedicated students that want to elevate their skills over time and practice. Groups surf lessons, family surf lessons San Diego and corporate events welcome.

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We love the ocean and think everyone should take a surf lesson in San Diego with us. That's why our lessons are family friendly, age friendly, and experiance friendly. Anyone can take an intro to surfing lessons with us to see if they would like to learn how to surf better. Learn how to surf in San Diego. Learn the ropes at challengin breaks like Ocean Beach, or learn to surf in La Jolla Shores. Our city has some of the best surfing spots in Southern California. Give us a call if you have another beach in mind like Wind and Sea or Tourmaline. We can meet at most beaches in San Diego County.

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You can now schedule a private surf lesson in San Diego via our automated booking system. Lesson reservations are available  24/7. Private and group lessons are available or sign up for a lesson package.  

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Group surf lessons san diego

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Surfing 101

Surfing made simple
  • Learn the 1,2,3 pop-Up method

  • Techniques for paddling past waves

  • Reading and selecting the best waves

  • Turning, Maneuvering, and Takeoff!

  • Surfing Techniques and etiquette 

  • Tide changes, swell & where waves come from

  • A complete lesson in water safety and beach protocols to keep you safe

  • Surfing San Diego's beach breaks

Our Surf Lessons in San Diego are designed to have anyone, regardless of experience popping up and wave riding in the first lesson. 

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Calibunga Surf Lessons

Visiting Los Angeles? While visiting one of the most prolific surfing communities in Southern California, why not take a lesson with our partners at Calibunga Surf Lessons?


Located 130 miles North of San Diego, Calibunga's amazing instruction at scenic beaches will make it worth the trip. 

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