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Learn to surf in San Diego

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

Where do I surf in San Diego?

We hear this question a lot. And honestly, with our endless coastline, we get it. Whether you are just visiting or new to San Diego, selecting the right beach at the right time is vital to your session. We love La Jolla Shores for a few reasons below:

It has parking!

It has Showers!

It has lifeguards!

It has multiple breaks!

It is family-friendly!

It's incredibly beautiful!

Learn to Surf San Diego!

Maybe you googled "Surf Lessons Near me?" and came up with nothing good. Or maybe you found a good break. There is so little online about this sport. La Jolla has a wave that builds up from the main lifeguard tower, all the way to the pier. Where you can either surf the south side or the north side. The wave gradually tapers as you move south from the pier. Making it an ideal place to learn how to surf. Waves to gnarly up north, move south until you find your perfect wave. The conditions are, for the most part, year-round awesome-ness. For Surf Lessons in San Diego, we rank La Jolla Shores as a 10 out of 10.

So grab your shades, a blanket, and a towel. Stay awhile on the sweeping and majestic shores in La Jolla. 8300 Camino Del Oro is the parking lot address. You can walk to the shops and restaurants nearby. There is soooo much to do. You can take a kayak tour into the incredible sea caves, walk the boardwalk, or just sunbathe. Just make sure to give yourself plenty of time to find parking. Especially during the peak summer season or sunset.

Another stand-out break nearby is Blacks Beach. This is an advanced wave and requires quite a hike to get to. We do not recommend that wave to beginners.

We want to share our love of surfing with everyone. Especially folks that want to learn to surf in San Diego safely. Sign up today for an unforgettable ocean experience!

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